Genesis Healthcare Customer Relations Manager in Piscataway, New Jersey


Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction with the administrative and financial aspects of doing business with Genesis HealthCare. Support the business objectives of the Center relating to:

  1. Census / Payor Mix

  2. DSO

  3. Timely filing of Medicaid Financial Eligibility Applications

  4. Customer Satisfaction

Proactively review caseload with Customer Relations Director on a routine basis. Director is responsible for review and acceptance of all work performed prior to handoff to others outside of Customer Relations.


With close supervision from the Customer Relations Director, manage the customer relationship for non-clinical activities from pre-admission through discharge; assure administrative and financial process compliance; ensure case-related data are accurate and complete on a daily basis; provide direct service to customers relating to one or more of the responsibilities described below.

Admissions - Assist with the following functions:

  1. Respond to referrals and inquiries within the required time frame.

  2. Initiate Pre-Placement Assessment for direct inquiries to Center.

  3. Work collaboratively with ElderCare Line and if appropriate, External Care Coordinators.

  4. Ensure Pre-Placement is conducted with Customer/RP who meet established criteria.

  5. Contact family pre-admission to schedule introductory meeting and/or tour.

  6. Conduct tours for prospects and families.

  7. Initiate the customer relationship through a series of meetings designed to:

  8. Develop a caring and compassionate relationship built on trust and encourage two-way communication

  9. Facilitate the Admission Process including Sign-In, review of Admission Criteria and Rights

& Responsibilities, completion of Admission Application, collection of Required Signatures, review of insurance coverages and personal resources, and assignment of Financial Responsibility.

  1. Notify other departments of admission and any special conditions.

  2. Schedule Full Life Conference

  3. Transition responsibility for clinical care to Nursing and Social Services

  4. Ensure all data is collected as part of the overall Admissions process.

Financial Case Management

  1. Assist with coordinating and processing ancillaries, census, interim and private advance billing, month end billing and related activities, adjustments, private spend down UDA's, admission files, refunds, and adjustments in accordance with policies and procedures.

  2. Processes information according to predetermined deadlines.

  3. Assist with meeting residents and/or responsible parties to review financial obligations, collect private funds, and assist with other financial related paperwork, primarily at time of admission or upon payer change. Assist with discharge billing, meeting with Resident/RP to present discharge bill and collect final balance or make payment arrangements.

  4. Assist with processing and monitoring of all Resident Fund procedures in accordance with policies & procedures.

  5. Assist with the accounts receivable collections of past due accounts, making collection calls, sending letters, direct deposit processing and documenting collection activity in collection module in accordance with policies & procedures. Prepare for and attend AR reviews as requested.

  6. Assist in responding to SARSU biller questions and requests.

  7. Puts Customer Service First: Ensures that customers and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassion atmosphere which recognizes the individual's needs and rights.

  8. Assists with patient programs as requested

  9. Performs all other related duties as requested.

Medicaid Application Process

  1. Assist with the Medicaid Application Process for assigned caseload.

  2. Initiate and maintain Private Spend Down Worksheet.

  3. Meet with customer and/or representative(s) regarding payment for services; obtain complete information regarding financial resources; assess need for Medicaid assistance and level of cooperation regarding preparation of grant application; and establish schedule for timely Medicaid application submission.

  4. Counsel the customer or representative on the Medicaid Application Process.

  5. When possible, act as customer representative or work closely with customer / representative to proactively manage the collection and collation of information, prepare for agency/county meetings, respond promptly to requests for additional information / verification.

  6. Minimize coverage gaps: Requested Effective Date of Coverage matches Grant Effective Date.

  7. Engage Administrator, Regional Specialist, Legal, Outsourced Agency as required to meet filing requirements.

  8. Present a comprehensive and inclusive Medicaid Financial Eligibility Application (accompanied by Medical Assessment Progress) to the Regional Medicaid Specialist in time to meet timely filing for eligibility decision.

  9. Process Grant Information. Set-up Resident Resources Direct Deposit. Maintain Resident Resources per Grant.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Customer Account Contact on questions relating to Admissions, Billing and Collections. Liaise with other organizations to assure prompt response to customer inquiries.

  2. Respond to supporting organizations requests for information, e.g. Issues Reports, etc., within the established time parameters.

  3. Participate in daily ADT meetings.

  4. Provide back-up support to Customer Relations Team in managing overall SNF caseload.

  5. May coordinate month-end activities including ancillary entries, etc.


SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. College Degree or equivalent work experience, 2 years in Healthcare or LTC industry. 2. Customer Service Orientation 3. Ability to adjust work hours to accommodate business requirements. 4. This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs. 5. Must provide verification of TST (tuberculin skin test) as required by state law and in accordance with Company policy. TSTs will be administered at the work site if required.   JOB SKILLS: Customer Relationship Management: Build caring and compassionate relationships. Work with customers as partner in gathering and presenting information. Communicate the importance and criticality of timely response to requests for Information. Understand each assigned customer, anticipate responses, respond to barriers, and escalate situations when necessary. Capacity for Change: Open and enthusiastic to new responsibilities and to new ways of performing tasks. Business Skills: Knowledgeable in the relationship of accurate admitting data, maintenance of customer status data, timely/accurate billing, DSO and potential bad debts/write-offs. Customer Financial Management: Knowledgeable in customer life-cycle and flow, payor plans and requirements. Basic understanding of Medicaid Program. Capable of educating customers on eligibility (payor policies and procedures). Technical Skills: 1. Time and Priority Management 2. Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Office 3. Comfortable using technology

Genesis HealthCare is an EO Employer- Veterans/Disabled and other protected categories